The founding members of the Amalgam Group Practice are CFN Lawyers and LT Lawyers, being specialists in commercial transactional projects and niche contentious works respectively, who share the same forward-looking vision and have found unanimity.


The distinguishing feature and motto of this Group Practice is “amalgamation in diversity”. On the one hand, it provides a mode of operation that helps its member firms achieve economies of scale through sharing of amenity and manpower as well as legal minds and mutually supportive skillsets. On the other hand, it enables the member firms to remain largely independent and retain agility, thereby helps them steer clear of any cumbersome operation and the exorbitant legal costs that such cumbrousness contributes to. Going forward, it welcomes like-minded firms with add-on expertise to join.


The Amalgam Group Practice enables its members to synergise expertise and resources to provide comprehensive and cross-disciplinary legal services to the clients in a one-stop shop with a refined cost-performance ratio. Ultimately, the beneficiary is the clients, who will enjoy all the benefits of an integrated large practice with a broad spectrum of expertise, without having to pay a premium for the services to be rendered.

Our Mission

As members of Amalgam Group Practice, we share the same vision – to provide quality and client-centric legal services with integrity, righteousness and compassion, and to harness vitality and opportunities in synergy with our members.

Establishment of the Amalgam Group Practice